Welcome to SpicaCasts.com! This page is supposed to be a little bit about the owners of this website I suppose, however, we hope to eventually have a community built that will be sharing information about their experiences with having a child in a hip spica cast.

Now, for about us: My wife and I (Sheena and Travis) have two daughters. Our second daughter, Natalie, was born in February of 2006 with DDH, a developmental hip dysplasia deformity. This is also known as congenital (CHD). In October of 2006 our daughter had a hip spica cast put on which covered both of her legs and and went all the way up just below her chest. This certainly was not easy for me, as a father, to handle. With that said, spending a couple of days in the hospital is not enough time to get fully adjusted and learn the tips and tricks of handling a baby in a spica cast. Therefore, this website is now here to hopefully help inform parents on what to expect and how to handle the situations they may encounter.

If you are a parent and are about to go through or have already gone through this type of situation, we would love to have you share your experience on our website! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact us via email at contact@spicacasts.com.