Update on Natalie and Lilie

Natalie and Lilie have not been to the doctor in a while, but every check up has been extremely positive. We are pleased with the progress. Both Lilie and Natalie seem to be progressing well. With Natalie being in Kindergarten this year, she comes home talking about how she played on the playground and done some rather active things such as the monkey bars, where you would think that the landing could potentially hurt. Instead, she seems to enjoy it and there is not very many complaints of pain.

We were slightly concerned a few weeks ago when she was talking about her legs hurting, and she pointed to her groin area. However, being so tall and having the same issues at her age, we don’t think it is related to her hip dysplasia. We think it is likely growing pains because she seems to be able to do very active things at times without any complaints at all while sometimes her legs hurt while simply sitting on the couch.

We hope that those that read this blog are still doing well and hope that you have learned something from our experiences! :)

Posted in General, News | December 16th, 2011

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