Lilie’s Cast Removal

On January 13,2010, Lilie got to have her cast off. She was in her cast for a total of 10 weeks. She made enough progress during the 10 weeks that her doctor felt that she did not have to stay in it for a full 12 like her sister. She was put into a hip abduction brace that she wears for 22 hours a day.

She did very well that day. She was a little stiff and sore though she was still a very happy baby. Lilie was scared to death during the removal of the cast though. I would just recommend being prepared for your child to scream during the cast removal. She did not scream because it hurt, but she was scared. The saw is very loud, and Lilie has never liked loud noises. If your child does not like loud noises, just be prepared for some screaming. She was just fine as soon as the saw was turned off.

The saw that they use to remove the cast does not have an actual blade on it like you see on a table saw. The cast saw only vibrates the cast apart. It will not cut skin, so you don’t have to worry about this hurting your child. The technician is very well trained. Cast removal is what most of them do all day long.

One thing to remember when your child is taken out of the cast, you will want to help support their legs still. Their legs will not have much muscle tone. Lilie’s legs are still very floppy compared to other children her age though she is catching up quickly. She is doing very well, but we did have to support her legs and upper body when carrying her around. One thing that I was told during our first experience was whatever age or skill level they are when they go into the cast, it will be the same when they come out. If they can not sit up before the cast, then they will not be able to sit up afterwords. This statement has been very true. Lilie and Natalie were both stuck at the age they were when they went into the cast. They did progress very quickly though.

Posted in News | March 2nd, 2010

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