Spica Cast Change

Lilies Spica Cast Change Well, we finally got Lilie in for her cast change and actually received better news than we had expected. Originally, we thought we would be waiting until about February to get her cast totally off and changed to a brace. However, the doctor scheduled January 13th as the big day for getting her last cast off.

Anyhow, we have her in her second cast now. We took her in yesterday to get that done. They put some gas on her to make her go to sleep and gave her some other anesthesia (they didn’t do that with Natalie). As you can see in the picture, she wasn’t upset, she was just a little bit dazed still from being under the medication.

The new cast, which you can’t see much of in this picture, goes up higher than the other one. In fact, this one goes up almost to her underarms when she sits up. Also, her left leg (the one that did not have surgery) is out of the cast. The cast only goes down to the bottom of her thigh on that leg. She seemed really happy yesterday evening, but she has a worn spot behind her left leg for whatever reason. We’re hoping it doesn’t cause problems!

Overall though, it would seem that the spica cast changes are extremely easy on the babies. They may not like leaving your arms or may have a little bit of fear of going under any form of anesthesia, but it is actually a simple process. She was in and out within a few hours. Most of that time was just spent recovering from the medication.

Lilie’s hip is looking really good according to the doctor. We are looking forward to the day that she can get out of the spica cast!

Posted in News | December 18th, 2009

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  1. Cheryll Says:

    I would like to thank you for sharing your experience. my baby will have her spica cast on january 29 and just like lilie her dysplasia is also on the right hip. we couldn’t help but worry of what’s to come. your blog helped us a lot on what to expect and what to do. i am so happy that lillie’s off her cast sooner than expected. i hope the same would happen to my candice.

  2. Desiree Says:

    My daughter Destiny had open reduction on her right hip December 8th. She amazingly has been just such an angel. I was reading your blog about the muscle spasms… they gave Destiny a small dose of valium (.5mL every 6 hrs) for that and luckly we havent had a problem. She goes in for her cast change Jan 21 so I was glad to read your blog about your experience with the cast change. I am relieved to know that it isn’t a huge deal and hoping that Destiny will also be lucky enough to get out of the spica early. As it stands she will be out right around her first birthday.

  3. Stephanie Woskoski Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience my daughter is having surgery because her is is dislocated and the other one has dysplasia…I worked on a Orthopedic unit for a few years and dealt with adults with hip replacements but no one can prepare you for somthing like this that involves your own child! However you have given me a sense of readiness! that you so much!

  4. Trina Littlejohn Says:

    My daughter recently had an open reduction as both of her hip were dislocated. I am finding it very hard at home since she can\’t move, and is always sitting on a slant. Looking for any tips to make life easier.


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