Things are looking down!

Well, right after we had some relatively good news it was torn down this week with news that Lilie’s hip still isn’t looking quite right. My wife saw the x-rays and said that even she could see a difference in her right and her left. The doctor may think that she just has a ligament in the way preventing her hip from going into the right location. Either way, she is going to need surgery. He didn’t want to wait so he scheduled it for today and it looks like she also will be in a spica cast. We were trying to avoid this, but it looks like it just couldn’t be corrected with the pavlik harness she had been wearing for the last couple of months.

The doctor won’t know whether he will have to do the open medial reduction like he had to do on Natalie (our older daughter) until he gets in there and gets a good look at what is going on. So, unfortunately, we won’t know until she is out of surgery what type of condition her hip is in and how long she will need to be in the cast. It would be awesome if she could be totally out of it by Christmas, but that is wishful thinking I would imagine! We will try to keep you guys up to date.

Posted in News | November 6th, 2009

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