Lilie’s Progress

Lilie is doing very well in her brace. She has made a lot of progress in the last month. She is now playing in the floor on her own. She can sit up just fine in and out of the brace. She actually likes being more independent. I think a lot of it has to do with always being helped during her 10 weeks in the cast.

She is starting to develop the muscles in her legs. She can stand along the furniture with a little support. She really wants to crawl, but she is still a little stiff on the right side, but she is becoming more and more flexible every day. I am surprised that she is already doing so well. I love to see her playing in the floor like a baby her age should be doing. I am looking forward to see her walking one day.

Lilie will go back in for more x-rays on March 17. She will probably get a new or bigger brace because she is growing like crazy. I will try to update as soon as we get more news on her.

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  1. FLORIS Says:


    please let me know how is Lilie doing. Did you get rid of the brace? How old is she now? Did she start walking?
    Can I see a picture of her in the brace, so I could make an ideea?

    Thanks a lot

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